I not ever thought i’d say this but today i am constructing my dog a closet. Her clothes. It is getting out of manipulate. Your garments are out of control, Ruby. Who ever idea a canine would have so much clothes that they want a closet? I under no circumstances thought i would be a kind of those pet parents. But it’s getting out of manage. [Laughter] Let’s go show you guys what we’re working with today. So that you guys comprehend I’ve had Ruby for… She’s ten years historical. She lived with my mother and my dad for 5 years and over those 5 years she’s gathered a number of garments and after we first received her, which was once like a 12 months ago… We bought her again, and he or she’s dwelling with us now. And we were like we will simply put it in this drawer, and you realize it’s no longer gonna be tough to love arrange she would not have that much stuff, but it surely’s just… It is gotten means out of control now.

That is just a mountain of garments. It can be actually a mountain of garments. Proper, Ruby? These are your garments, Ruby. [Chuckle] So we bought her garments in right here and we’ve got her pee pads. Come here my little cop, she’s a bit of protection preserve. She doesn’t like it. She’s like, “don’t you place that on me.” Come right here my little Harijuku (?) Badass, come right here.She doesn’t wanna wear it! So yeah… This is what we’re working with we got so many specific…Come right here my little Rofeeree Why can we even have these? Yellow card. Yeah, so that you guys can see it is particularly rather a lot. We got costumes. And even similar to lovable little jackets. Even a existence vest for swimming. And pajamas. You understand cause each canine desires pajamas.

A tuxedo… Like…. This is Linky’s. This was for linky, to be reasonable. That is true, but we now have received like just a little bumblebee costume. We’ve got various clothes. From Japan, we purchased whatever she hasn’t even wore yet. So… I’m going to make a closet for my dog given that it can be getting a little ridiculous. We’re trying to arrange our existence So, let me show you guys where i am gonna genuinely build this closet.

It’s a coat closet and It doesn’t particularly get used very, very mainly so right here is… Inside… This is where our persons cling their coats once they come over we’ve like some video games and stuff up there and… Then it is simply.. Now not even particularly well geared up in here. This Ruby, can be your gateway to trend. So the closet shall be right subsequent to your teepee, Ruby, your beloved one so very much. The person who you utilize at all times…

You utilize this, right? At all times… This is your condominium. Look. She would not even want to go in it. Wow. Pay attention, I knew you didn’t find it irresistible when I developed it for you but as a minimum the cats adore it at the least they use it, Ruby. Yeah, at the least a person makes use of it. You win this time, dog. Yeah, time take that off and put “link and Navi” for the reason that you will discover they use it all the time, guys. There is already cat hair on it. What happened, Ruby? Ruby, what happened? All correct Ruby well Mommy loves you so i am building you a closet.

She likes the thought. Go get it. You coach that bone who’s boss. Yeah, go get it. [Insert noicee music and puppy montage] She’s la una chica [Laughter] [Laughter] okay, so I truly purchased somewhat storage thing from Ikea… That i’m gonna construct… Right Ruby? Get it get it . Wait..Escari!! Escari!! Get it get in it wait meanwhile right here we go i am gonna attempt this by myself unbiased lady right here we go i’m gonna attempt this by myself independent girl I All proper, I had to build this within the closet. It was once sort of a ache, but it surely match I used to be getting a bit scared that it wasn’t going to however, yeah, I without doubt needed to build it inside of Pay yeah, I undoubtedly had to construct it inside of because it doesn’t come out so Yeah you don’t want to take it out.

I am gonna have got to deconstruct it, but it appears good now now i’m gonna construct these little shelves. I got like a couple like pullout shelves so And get organised!! I just wanted to factor out to exhibit you guys I simply desired to factor help show you guys i am now not lying after I mentioned the cat’s particularly and that i gotta exchange the title and that i transformed the name do that right here we go there you go now Navi You a princess? You the princess, appear at you need the princess, thanks adore it okay, i’m virtually achieved.

I built these 4 after which I acquired to position in these guys but before I do this I desired to make a design with some washi tape I’ve never fairly used washi tape before however I notion it could be enjoyable to only give it a stab so just to combine it up a little bit. I’m gonna add some washi tape on the front component of the doors and Ruby is happy okay, so that is what i’ve so far I decided to do the glitter washi tape after which when they stack will certainly complete the design So I idea it was beautiful cool getting some help from red over there hi there hello he’s placing within the tracks while i’m doing the washi tape Yeah, so I gotta wait till this one goes in so I could see like the place the sample would honestly continue on the other side Then I obtained these tremendous lovable little hangers for Ruby’s clothes, I ordered them off of Amazon Then I obtained these tremendous adorable little hangars for Ruby’s clothes, I ordered them off of Amazon but i want like a rod that i will put on top so i am gonna put a bit of rod That goes right throughout like proper right here, after which her little clothes are gonna cling Her shampoo her like bath stuff her toys and her her little pads Her shampoo her like fast of her toys and her her little pads I might have got to continue the next day since we’re gonna go see a buddy is it gonna work I would need to proceed day after today since we’re gonna go see a friend is it good Oh Very excellent, thanks.

I like it Linki says good morning.Good morning we Went to the store and that i acquired a pair rods These are like shower or yeah, they’re like bathe I’ve already hung certainly one of my favourite outfits from Ruby. Just to see how it genuinely appears look how adorable it is!. Its so little! I’ve already hung certainly one of my favorite outfits from Ruby.

Simply to peer the way it clearly appears seem how lovely i am going to place on the rods, and then begin placing the garments and then pink is gonna help me i’m going to put on the rods, and then striking the clothes and then right is gonna help me put in the final backside drawer correct there You a little bit skunk? You a little bit skunk! Yellow gun alright so here it’s We nonetheless have some garments that have got to be hung, however listed below are the majority of Ruby’s clothes all hung up It looks so adorable they may be so tiny after which I simply hung some leashes on the side right here from some of her her her harnesses that she’s to head walk and we received some for like cleansing stuff down here her treats and her Random bag that I’ve had for the longest time.

It is a bag. I take at any time when she goes out with us and then inside of here, we have her pee pads we now have extra down here We just have a few of her like brushes and bows And like clicker and little poop baggage clicker and little poop baggage total I suppose just right I suppose I did a excellent job. Do you adore your closet? Overall I feel excellent I think I did a excellent job. Do you love your closet? I? Hope you like it hello, wait a minute you are not Ruby you are now Ruby Oh it is now not Ruby’s tent anymore that is gonna be links and Navi’s Ruby what’s he doing? He’s giving for free your teepee! He is giving freely your tea, please good you on no account fairly preferred it in any case you wish to have me to write down it yeah, you equipped cuz you acquired the better penmanship, k? Mmm. Hello Ruby be satisfactory What you gazing huh it is now not your tent anymore Now she wishes it can not have it, little one Now she wishes a you cannot have it, little one you do not use it it’s a goldfish that is a fish She’s like no I care about it desire it used to be mine once more Its hyperlinks teepee now blinky gradual TP now She’s jealous Wow it can be executed