Shih Tzu Price Overview

Shih Tzu

It’s only natural to find out what the Shih Tzu price range is for puppies. After all, with today’s economy, one does not want to pay too much for anything, and that consists of a dog which is usually considered big spends.

It is a significant spend not only because of the cost of a Shih Tzu but also due to all the related items that the owner will need to get. It can certainly add up the expenses.

In addition to items required at the time of bringing the Shih Tzu home, there are continuous expenses such as sick visits, vet check-ups, food, toy and so on.

You may wish to know the cost if you are thinking of getting a puppy, or you might have already bought your Tzu and are wondering if you under or over paid.

This page dedicated to those who ask us all of the time, “How much is Shih Tzu puppy?”

We will cover the important, and price range, the reasons for the prices. We will go cheap and affordable puppies and canines and talk about the pros and cons also Shih Tzu puppies for sale.

Shih Tzu Price Range

We will be discussing the price range for a Shih Tzu pup in the US. The undoubted rate will differ in other places in the world. These prices will, in general, also pertain to puppies in Canada.

It is important to know why one pup might cost so little compared to another, and we will discuss this below. To answer the cost question: The average cost is $400 to $700, with the range of from the high limits and free being close to $1000.00. In some cases, a particular puppy will be worth even more. Price will also range depending on the location of the country.

The Shih Tzu is a classic little canine with a sturdy build, large eyes, broad face and coming in at about nine inches in height. They span the entire range of color from white to black. Some people don’t like their double coat that needs frequent grooming. When you factor in the Shih Tzu cost, you must always take into consideration the regular grooming trips that will set you back an average of $40-50.

Rescue Shelter $200-$400
Fully Grown $500
Pet Stores $700
Quality Breeder – teacup $2500
Pros -baby doll face
-Round eyes and facial expressions
-provides love, fondness, and gratitude
Cons -Needs frequent grooming due to double coat

Buying Shih Tzu Pups at a Rescue Shelter

Shih Tzu1

Shih Tzu dogs originally from a rescue shelter typically have serious concerns that might have to be ironed out over time, if still possible. These pups are frequently uncertain of where they want to go, feel quite scared and might involve a hefty dose of extra training to correct the bad habits that might have accumulated over time. Some of the most traumatized canines may need as much as 1-2 years of work. Nevertheless, these puppies can offer you with plenty of fondness, love, and thankfulness if you rescue them and they are not entirely “harmed.” And you’ll also possess that satisfaction of knowing that you saved a dog.

Adoption costs for Shih Tzu puppies vary from $200 to $400 and are mainly used to spend for veterinarian expenses. The requirements of getting canines from shelters have increased in recent times, with canines now getting their shots and being neutered before give to their right owners. Any known difficulties addressed also.

The next step up in Shih Tzu rate involves dog stores, where you will normally have to pay over $700 approximately. The quality of canines varies significantly, with the major coming from unwanted pup mills or backyard breeders that pay little attention to quality and just care about breeding as many puppies as possible in a short time.

The highest quality Shih Tzu pups should buy from professional breeders, especially those that specialize in this type. A teacup Shih Tzu can set you back as much as $2500 for the royal variety. The price goes down considerably as the size of the canine grows. A mature Shih Tzu will cost $500 from the same breeder!

Free or Low Priced Puppies

If a Shih Tzu is not carefully bred she or he can have lots of medical issues; some might be apparent at birth and others will not show up for years but when they do you may find yourself emptying your savings to pay for vet bills. Also, badly breed canines will not meet the breed requirements. Not just a potential owner find that as the puppy grows into an adult that they do not have the classic look of the breed, but it can also trigger medical problems such as hip dysplasia and a lot more.

There are exceptions; nevertheless, we would highly recommend not even checking into the purchase of a Shih Tzu puppy if a breeder is selling for less than $300.

Cost of Puppies

Lots of breeders are frequently experimenting with unique and different breeds. Shih Tzu, being a lap dog type, has become very famous and for that reason, breeders and canine fans are showing the keen interest in this puppy type. Some dog fans wish to possess a canine to raise for championship purposes, while some just want for companionship. One of the primary objectives in breeding pets is to maintain pure bloodlines and guarantee the breed’s health. Oblivious breeders always offer good breeds at a lower rate and do not keep the records of the family. On the other hand, some breeders raise champion canines, however, sell their pups at a higher rate. Purchasing a puppy from a well-reputed breeder can cause less illness and guarantee an excellent and a healthy Shih Tzu puppy. For that reason, buyers who are interested in buying a Shih Tzu pup should check out the records of the puppy’s parents and also able to distinguish a sick and healthy dog. In the US, the price range of these puppies different from $900 – $2,500. The cost will vary if you are purchasing from a new breeder or pet store. Prices could also be around $400 – $500 in case you are buying it from a person who you know or from a pet shop, such as a buddy or a relative.

Pet Stores

Since the public has been teaching regarding Puppy Mills, many pet shops have since closed down or have changed over into pet supply stores. For those that remain, it cannot state enough that one should never, ever buy a canine from a shop. All that you will find there is mass produced puppies from puppy Mills. Please do not mislead. We remember one reader who assured us that the owner of a store swore that the puppies came from small, caring breeders. Keep in mind; caring people who dedicated to the Shih Tzu do not place their litters in shops!

How to choose

To sum things up and keep things comfortable, we would recommend the middle ground, stay away from pups that are so cheap that they usually gave away, and unless you are preparing to show and you have experience in determining show quality, stay away from costly puppies. Choose a home based, small, devoted and experienced breeder who’s offered puppies fall in the range of $400 to $700. To help any potential owners, we have an exclusive list of Tzu breeders whom we suggest.